The Word “Maranatha”

The Meaning of the Word "Maranatha"

The word “Maranatha” is made up of two Aramaic words that mean “The Lord will return” or “Come quickly, Lord!”. Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, uses this word in I Corinthians, 16:22. In the closing of the book of Revelation, the same expression is used as a prayer or a request, this time in Greek, and translated as: “Come, Lord”.

The wod “Maranatha” was also used in services do invoke the presence of the Lord in the Lord’s Supper and to express the desire for His return to establish His Kingdom. It is equivalent to the request made by the Church in the Lord’s Prayer: “Your Kingdom come”. In relation to Lord Jesus’ return, “Maranatha” had two meanings: it was a prayer – “Come, Lord” – and an expression of faith – “The Lord is coming quickly!”.

The use of the word in the times of the New Testament indicated the strong expectation of the believers that the Lord Jesus would return. This faith is the willingness to announce that the Lord Jesus’ return were reinforced by the power, the spiritual gifts and signs that the Lord operated in their midst, showing that He was alive in the midst of His people!

In the times of the Old Testament, the King traveled to exercise justice. A herald would go ahead of them sounding a horn and warning the people: “The King is coming!”. Those who were waiting for justice wanted the King to come. The people of the land to be visited prepared themselves for His arrival – they cleaned and repaired the paths, thus showing obedience and desire to please the King.

In the same way, today the Church that is in fellowship with the Lord and experiments the manifestation of His power with spiritual gifts and signs that confirm the preaching of the Word awaits anxiously for the glorious return of the Lord Jesus to rapture His Church, not ceasing to proclaim that “The Lord Jesus will return!” and to pray: “Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!”.