Other churches

How Maranatha Relates to other Churches

We believe that Jesus gave the church the Great Commission, instructing them to preach the gospel and establish churches everywhere in the world. (Matt 28; Mark 16). This, of course, has taken place there are believers on every continent, and missionaries have taken the gospel to virtually every nation on earth.

We believe, the Lord wants our Church to continue preaching the gospel and reaching as many people as possible. Our churches around the world focus on reaching the lost with the message of salvation and new life through the Holy Spirit.

It is not necessarily our organizations mission to establish Maranatha churches in every single country in the world. So far the Lord has not required this from us; right now, it takes all of our resources just to fulfill the tasks to which the Lord has directed us.

We believe there are churches in many countries that preach the gospel of salvation accurately and effectively. This is what the Lord wants all churches to do, according to the Great Commission. We are acknowledge the work of the servants of the Lord in countries around the world who diligently seek Him in prayer, who obey his Word, who work to bring others to a knowledge of Christ, and who fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

We do not desire to undermine the good work that other churches are doing. Instead, in many countries we are eager to give a testimony to the existing as One Body, through the five ministries (described in Eph. 4:11) and the nine spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 (8-10).

In addition, we believe we are to be One Body (in the spiritual sense, not an institutional one) with existing churches (in any country) who also desire to be led by the Head of the Church ˜ the Lord Jesus ˜ in a real and effective way (not a theoretical one).

Generally, we establish new churches in a country or region whenever faithful servants of the Lord who, in the city where they live, cannot find an existing church willing to be led by the Lord through the ministries and the gifts of the Spirit, and that understands the need for one Body submitting to one Lord. This will happen unless the Lord directs us otherwise, in a specific situation.

We welcome and desire inquiries through this website by pastors or groups of believers who share similar goals and would like to learn more. If you would like a pastor from one of our churches to contact you, please click [email protected] and indicate your geographic location, and how we may be of assistance to you. We will forward your email to the pastors who are closest to your region or would be best able to assist you. If you cannot write comfortably in English, feel free to write in your own language; we have members from many different nationalities and can accommodate communication in most major languages.