Spiritual Revival

Spiritual Revival

Before the Lord Jesus returns in glory for the rapture of the Church, the Lord is pouring out His Holy Spirit abundantly upon His faithful people, in order to prepare His Church for that moment.
Only filled with the Holy Spirit will the Church be ready as described in Ephesians 5.

As the outpouring of the Holy Spirit reaches the Churches, they will experiment a Revival that will lift the servants of the Lord to a more elevated spiritual level, characterized by: (a) more love for the Lord and for the brethren; (b) greater willingness to serve the Lord and the Church; (c) greater interest in studying and hearing the God’s Word; (d) greater anointing of the pastors for the preaching of the Word and for evangelism; (e) greater pleasure in participating in the services, adoring the Lord in Spirit and in truth; (f) a life of sanctification and obedience to the God’s Word.

The pastors that want to prepare their Churches to experiment this Revival, should instruct them to (1) seek sanctification and obedience to God’s Word, (2) seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts, (3) use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment, and submission to the pastors, (4) submit themselves to the Role of the Lord Jesus over His Church, and (5) live in love and fellowship with one another.

It should be noted that, if a congregation does not learn to “use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment,” appropriately judging the spiritual manifestations to ensure that they proceed from the Holy Spirit, in case a Revival is begun, it will cease in a very short time. The reason for this to happen is simple: gifts used inappropriately become a source of problems for the Churches, and the believers end up losing faith in the gifts.

If, conversely, the Church learns to use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment, judging and interpreting them, and using them under the supervision of the pastors, the Lord will be able to rule over the Church, and the Revival will last until the Lord Jesus returns.

Hence the need for the spiritual gifts to be used in the way that is recommended in the Holy Scriptures. In other sections of this site, there will be teachings regarding the practice of the spiritual gifts with discernment, decency and order – as recommended in the Scriptures in I Corinthians chapter 14 – and about their use with wisdom.

On the other hand, in order for the Lord to operate a Revival in a given city, region or country, it is important that the pastors of that locality, region or country be willing to be directed by the Holy Spirit and live in spiritual fellowship with each other. This fellowship can start with prayer meetings, even with fasts, where the priority is to seek the spiritual gifts and allow the Lord Jesus to give His council to these pastors.

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